Our Services

Setting new standards.

We offer first class service in the following areas:

Inspection Services

As a US Customs and Border Patrol Approved Gauger, Inspection Services offered by the ACA Operations team will consist of the traditional third party custody transfer measurement and quantification, metered pipeline transfer documentation, intra and inter facility transfers, inner-harbor and offshore Barge to Ship and Ship to Ship lightering operations, bunker surveys and transfers, and dry/liquid draft surveys.

Laboratory Services

For the present, our long standing strategic partners, Nexeo Laboratories, will continue to offer Laboratory Services. Their team of experienced analytical technicians can offer our clients a wide range of testing capabilities to cover every area of the petroleum, fuel oil, feedstock, refined products, petrochemical, specialty chemical, base and acids, transformer and base oils, and LPG sectors.

Domestic and International Loss Control Services

The ACA Marine Technical Services division (MTS) offers proprietary inspection oversight service of marine and land based transfers with our Domestic and International Loss Control Services. This team of highly trained senior surveyors, (averaging over 14 years of experience), can act as the on-site eyes and ears of our clients where there is a need for client representation at the point of custody transfer, specialized cargo blending requirements, or any need of asset risk minimization. With staff representation in Mexico and Venezuela, our international team coverage allows ACA-MTS attendance anywhere in Central and South America.

Marine Expediting

The ACA Marine Expediting team assists our clients in the role of “port captains”, with full time cargo transfer assistance, coordinating berthing windows with inspection and analytical coverage as needed, monitoring the inspection representatives while on board the vessel and during the facility inspection process, and assisting the vessel agents in expediting the delivery or receipt of cargos while in port to minimize delays, resulting in a significant reduction of demurrage charges.

Demurrage Review Services

Additionally, ACA offers our clients Demurrage Review Services to review demurrage that are complex and may require more attention that the typically overworked client demurrage specialists can devote to claim validation. Our 15 year experienced demurrage specialist has an excellent track record of unbiased fairness, and his knowledge of charter parties and industry demurrage standards has resulted in the rapid assessment of legitimate claims, and verifiable savings to our clients when those claims were incorrectly submitted.

All facets of the ACA team activities are governed by the standards set forth in our ACA Quality Control Program, which is built upon the foundation of ISO 9001-2008.