Our Clients

Just some of the ways we have provided excellent services to our clients.

Client Satisfaction

Loss Control Services, Port of Victoria

Victoria, Texas

The owners of a crude oil distribution facility at the Port of Victoria were experiencing tremendous losses due to “free water” detection in their barge shipments of crude to their sales partners. The ACA Loss Control group was assigned to investigate the issue and, determined that the intrinsic paraffinic nature of the crude was affecting the ability of the third party inspectors to distinguish between water and the paraffin. A detailed, written Inspection procedure was put in place for the client and an oversight program was launched, which resulted in the savings of approximately $1,500,000 per month for the next 3 years.

Demurrage Services, Houston Area

Houston, Texas

Another crude distribution client was experiencing extremely high demurrage invoices based upon apparent delays to receiver barges awaiting loading. The ACA Demurrage group was asked to intervene, and through a detailed review of all claims, reduced the demurrage payments by $1,000,000.

Onsite establishment for Contanda I

Houston, Texas

With absolutely no notice, an international transformer oil client requested ACA to establish an on-site office and laboratory facility at the Contanda Terminal in Houston due to non-performance of the previous inspection vendor. Within 2 weeks, ACA had coordinated the lease and delivery of an office / laboratory, hired the necessary personnel to man the facility, passed an initial audit, and assumed full responsibility for the 28 tank inventory.